Monday, November 28, 2011


Much news to report today. First, I soaked and hung my 3ply beaded yarn. Pretty!

Next, there was Citron. Im doing six sections instead of five because I used smaller needles.

Lastly, a friend of mine contacted me with news that her mother loves the cowl I made for my friend, and wants to buy THREE for christmas gifts! so, into "production knitting" mode I go. Im almost done with my own personal holiday knits (finishing up mom's and father in laws), so this is perfect timing.

Apologies for strange formatting, I am posting from the mobile app for the first time - this may need some tweaking....

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Yes, I've started a Citron. In my own handspun. See?
I absolutely adore how it's knitting up. The color changes remind me of Noro, almost.
The yarn certainly isn't perfect, but it's my handspun, and this shawl is for me - memories!

I skeined up some aran-ish one ply, too. It's going to grow up to be the Sunray cowl next Sunday when I teach two of my work friends to knit! I'm super excited. Need to pick up a shawl pin somewhere for it.

Last but not least, still on the spindle... Happy Thoughts and Pixie Dust for the spindler's group November spin along....

Belle has been watching over me from the back of the couch all evening.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh hai there!

Welcome to my blog.

First things first - allow me to introduce my mascot, owner, and most adorable Siamese mix ever.

This is Annabelle.

She is helping me write a paper here.

Her hobbies include supervising my knitting and spinning, terrorizing her sister Dahlia, operating a pretzel empire, and napping. After two and a half years, she has finally learned that I do not need help while knitting.

This blog is a blog of adventure. I will be posting about my current knitting and spinning, designing new garments (so, calling for test knitters), running giveaways, etc.

Keeping this blog is a long held dream for me - my goal is to post once a week. Keep me honest!

So, pictures, I know. Here's what's currently going on for me -

This is a small part of the spinning I am doing for the Spindlers group on Rav - which, by the way, add me! My username is "loosestrings." This is for a themed spin-off - Happy Thoughts and Pixie Dust. These pictures don't do it justice, it's a beautiful fiber dyed by Neauveau. It's going to be my second 3 ply, chain plyed yarn ... but first PLANNED 3 ply.

This was my very first, done on a whim because I wanted to figure out how to preserve color variations for the Pixie Dust yarn....

I'm definitely addicted to chain plying. So much more fun than the normal method. Ha.

That's all for today! :)