Monday, December 5, 2011


Candidly parallel to my massive amounts of Christmas knitting, I am asking for mostly spinning supplies for my own Christmas gifts. Some of the standouts:

This entire shop, gigglejelly's Etsy shop, is full of fiber eye candy. Favorite?

Strawberry Fields! Tussah Silk/Merino ... so yummy.

Next up: Woolgatherings Etsy Shop. Great variety here - and my favorite is....
BFL Roving. Reminds me of SPRING! :)

And now, onto spindles...
First, we have Spinatude, with some very creative resign spindles!
I absolutely ADORE this one....
1 oz, hand turned hook, and... c'mon, it's a sunflower in a spindle whorl. How cool is that??

Also, Butterfly Girl Designs has some absolutely beautiful spindles as well. Picking a favorite from this shop was tough, but I finally came up with....
Mosaic Abalone Shell top whorl spindle... 1.2 oz's and a bent by hand swan hook. Gorgeous.

(All images property of their respective owners, listed clearly above each.)

Now, the I suppose the real question is, what will I spin with these beautiful supplies?